SSC Admissions

Suffolk specialist support centres are located in some mainstream schools. Pupils with statements for complex moderate learning difficulties may be considered for placement in these classes.

The aim of these centres is to enable pupils to access specialist teaching and learning in a small class with regular access to mainstream lessons, facilities and activities. The aim of the SSCs across the local authority is that this will enable the majority of pupils to return to mainstream provision on a full-time basis.

Where are the SSCs?
Suffolk has specialist support centres in:

School and age range

How can pupils gain access to an SSC?
Pupils must have a Statement of SEN for complex and moderate learning difficulties. Pupils will require a higher level of support than would usually be available in a mainstream classroom.

Referrals are made by the school or other professionals involved with the pupil’s education. Referrals are usually considered once a terml. Parents and the pupil’s current education setting will be advised in writing of the outcome of the referral.

What is the curriculum offered in a SSC?
The curriculum offered across these centres is based on the National Curriculum, which is personalised to meet individual needs; enabling pupils to progress, to narrow the gap and potentially at an suitable phase, transfer or move back to mainstream full-time education.

Whilst in these centres all pupils will be encouraged and supported to integrate as appropriate both socially and academically in the life of the school. Mainstream opportunities are continually monitored and suitable curriculum access arrangements developed to enable pupils to be included at all levels.

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