School Meals

Pupils from families receiving Income Supplement or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance will be eligible to receive a free school lunch.  Families receiving Family Credit will receive an extra allowance from the DSS.  Their children will not receive a free lunch at school.

Children whose parents do not wish them to have a school meal may bring a packed lunch.  If you wish to send a hot or cold drink then please ensure that it is in an unbreakable vacuum flask.

When children join the school parents are asked to say whether their children are to go home, have a hot dinner or bring a packed lunch.  Please send a message to the bursar to confirm or cancel a lunch if your child is to attend the dentist, clinic or doctor’s surgery in the morning.

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Cheques made payable to Causton Junior School are accepted, along with cash for school dinners.  Money is collected on a Monday morning and should be sent into school in a named, sealed envelope.

Children going home to dinner should not return before 12.55 p.m. and should report to reception

School Tuck Shop

The Tuck shop is open during morning playtime in the dining room.  The children are given the opportunity to buy fruit, drinks, popcorn, cheese rolls etc.  Children can bring their own tuck, but we do not allow sweets (including chewing gum) in school.  We educate the children to eat healthy food and keep to a balanced diet as part of our commitment to the Suffolk Healthy Schools’ Initiative.


Children who access the Inclusion Centre at 8.30 a.m. can have breakfast if required.