Photo Permissions

At the beginning of each year we ask parents to complete permission forms for all sorts of things like school trips, allergies, etc. and one of those forms is for photo permission.

The agreement for photo permission in school means that the school may take photographs or video at

  • sports events
  • performances
  • assemblies
  • trips

The school will use these images in classwork, on display boards, on the school’s website and other areas pertaining to learning. We will never display the child’s full name next to any photograph

Parents or guardians are permitted to take photos or video at school events for their personal use but we ask them to be mindful of what they do with them and not to share them on social networking sites like FaceBook if there are children not from your family in the photograph.

Occasionally, there may be legal reasons preventing all photography (e.g. copyright), or the school has made a decision that photography is not possible during that particular event. Please respect this decision if you are asked not to take photographs or video at a production, assembly or Christmas Nativity etc. Should photo permission for a child be denied, and this is personal choice, we will take all necessary steps to avoid photography of the child.

The second permission required is for external photography, which could be by the local paper or Suffolk County Council, etc. If permission is granted, Causton Junior School have no control over what happens with the photos or where they may be published.