Starling Class


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    Welcome to Year 5 and Starlings Class.

    What an exciting year we have ahead of us in Starlings class!

    When asked to think of an indigenous British bird’s name to label our class I was a little puzzled, so I asked my lovely mum and my ‘Mad Aunt Sue’ for some advice. They came up with ‘Starlings’ as you will all be my little stars this year… You will work hard, try your best and remember your manners at all times! With this ethos we will have great fun and you will achieve your full potential. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get started.

    Why not keep an eye out for starlings when you are out and about. They are often seen at Landguard point flying in formation, showing fantastic team spirit, just like ‘The Red Arrows’ and how I hope we will unite and work positively together.

    Starlings also have a beautiful metallic plumage which at first looks quite dull and boring. However when you take the time to look closer their feathers sparkle and shine, rather like some of us… our strength, ability and beauty sometimes takes a while to appreciate but it is always there waiting to be noticed and nurtured!

    Please note that I have Wednesdays off to attempt to catch up on school work so I can spend quality time with my daughter Edie at the weekends. I am delighted that Mr Van Gameren will be teaching Starlings on Wednesdays and I know he is just as excited about teaching you as I am.

    Remember that we will be swimming on Friday mornings, so that means:

    1. You need your appropriate swimming attire and swimming hat.

    (Girls – one piece costume. Boys – swimming trunks or ‘short’ shorts).

    1. Ensure ear-rings and all jewellery is removed.
    2. If you need an inhaler or any other medication please make sure it is labelled with your full name and class name and that it is with you at the pool. ‘No meds, no swimming.’
    3. Goggles are not permitted unless you have a note from your doctor or optician.
    4. A towel and possibly a brush/comb are the only other things you need.

    We encourage children to get changed at the pool rather than wear their swimming costumes under their uniforms…this tends to reduce the amount of forgotten under wear scenarios!