The Autumn term has focused on:

  • Suspense and mystery stories
  • WW1 poems
  • Explanation texts
  • Poetry based on Michael Rosen

Suspense and Mystery Stories

We wrote our own short story using ‘Hooked’ to help us with a story idea and then we used a picture of a tiny girl trapped in a bottle! We looked at metaphors, similes, short sentences to build tension and how to use ellipses:

WW1 Poems

During our week about WW1, we wrote poems about the poppies with Mrs Jenkins:

Explanation Texts

We read about an exciting invention called a ‘Teacher Pleaser’ and made our own versions up. We focused on using causal connectives and elements of non fictional writing:

Michael Rosen Poetry

In ‘Show and Tell’ assembly we performed ‘No breathing’ with Starlings and Wrens. We focused on performing and the use of expression.

The Spring term has focused on:

  • Narrative based on the poem ‘The Highwayman’
  • Cinquain poetry
  • Instructions
  • Fantasy stories

The Highwayman

We studied the poem and made graphic novels to show the narrative through pictures. This helped us to think about speech bubbles and thoughts. Our drama was captured in photos and this formed our plan for our narrative. In our writing we focused on emotions, ambitious vocabulary and writing in the first person.

Cinquain Poetry

After investigating the structure of a cinquain poem, we created our own and really had to think about the syllables involved. It is a 5 line poem that describes a place, person or a thing.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look after an alien? We have! We wrote instructions about how to after looking at different aliens in a video about 12 different planets.

Fantasy Stories

Year 5 enjoyed the alien project so much that we decided to write narrative which included our aliens and their planet!