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Welcome to Autumn Term in Eagles Class…

Focus of Study: This term we will be studying Britain in World War 2 as our topic. This will allow us to consider key aspects of the war: its causes and its effects on us, particularly during the Blitz. In Science we will focus on electricity and light! The children will be given every opportunity to take part in practical science and to develop their skills as well as their knowledge. We’ll also be using this to maximise our opportunities to write.

In Literacy, we will focus on a broad range of writing types across fiction and non-fiction. We will be seeking to be much more accurate in our grammar and punctuation; choose vocabulary carefully and develop our consistency in spelling. A key objective is to ensure that our children are reading frequently and across a wide range of book types. All children are given the opportunity to use the school library to select a challenging but enjoyable book and our target is to complete an average book within two weeks. Children are given opportunities to read individually in class but the key focus here is on comprehension. Your support in this would be very much appreciated.

HomeworK: Reading ideally 5 x per week at home – this is so important, so children will use lunch-times if necessary to maintain their reading effort.. Reading to your child and discussing the book is also most welcome. Children continue to receive weekly spellings which are accompanied by some form of literacy  work. Maths homework will also be given out weekly and relates to the subject taught in class. Children are encouraged to look at their homework sooner rather than later so that they can seek help if needed. There will also be a ‘x tables’ practice each week. Please look for homework being handed out on Fridays for return the following Thursday.

Project: We will undertake a research project: ‘My family in the war.’ More detail to follow.

PE: The children will be taking part in Hockey and Tag Rugby with Me Entwhistle and will also have the opportunity to take part in Dance and Gymnastics.


If you have any concerns then please get in touch to discuss the matter. I look forward to seeing you at Parents Evening if not before.

Denis Keegan

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