Thorpe Woodlands

Thorpe Woodlands Day Five

Last day (day 5)
We all did our last activity this morning. We all felt sorry for group 1 who had raft building this morning. Nearly all of them jumped in (including Mr K) and then were wet for our last day! After lunch we had ‘It’s a knock out!’ This was a collection of activities that we had to complete in our teams for points. We had low ropes (with the addition of trying to transport cups of water from one end to the other), go kart riding, a mini zip wire and tree climbing. We never found out who won but we all had fun. We are now on the coach on the way back. We are a mixture of sad that the week is over, excited to see our families but most of all tired!

Thorpe Woodlands Day Four

Day 4 – a mixed day!

Today we had a mixture of activities again. Most of us built rafts out of plastic barrels, wooden planks and ropes. Surprisingly they floated on the water and we paddled them down the river for a bit. We also enjoyed the big swing where we were harnessed to a tree and jumped off! Caving was amazing again and lots of us enjoyed a bike ride in the forest. Unfortunately Kenzie had a bad fall and ended up in hospital. Fortunately nothing was broken and he made it back to the centre in time for the talent show. So far we have had singing, animal noises and a Spencer Goulden comedy special, I wonder what we will have next!!

Tomorrow we will have one last activity before ‘It’s a knock out’ and then we will sort out the growing last property before getting on the coach. See you all tomorrow!

Thorpe Woodlands Day Three

Day three – It’s a record!!

Our activities today were varied, we all did three of the following; crate stacking, caving, tree trekking, and archery. We all enjoyed them all but here some highlights from each group…

Group 1 – ‘caving was amazing some of us got stuck which was a bit scary and we kept bumping our heads which was funny!’

Group 2 – ‘we all worked together to beat the primary school record for crate stacking, the old record was 18 crates high and we got to 20!’

Group 3 – ‘we loved tree trekking, it was nerve wracking but really really great!’

Tonight we enjoyed a delicious roast dinner and we will be watching a film after our diary time.

Thorpe Woodlands Day Two

Thorpe Woodlands Day Two

Today we started the more adventurous activities. We all had a go at climbing, the zip wire and canoeing. Climbing was hard work, it seems much higher when your hanging off the side of the wall! Jumping down the power fan was good fun though. The zip wire seemed daunting at first but everyone who gave it a go was glad that they did. Apart from maybe Amy who was left hanging for a while as she forgot to detach the black rope before starting her desent to the ground! Canoeing was chilly, especially for Freddie, Ashton and Callum who managed to flip their canoe. Lots of the rest of us jumped in (on purpose) though. Well done to group 2 who all jumped in!

About to head off for another walk in the forest and our last campfire. We are hoping for another hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Tomorrow we will be caving, raft building, tree trekking and having a go at archery, can’t wait!

Thorpe Woodlands Day One – Arrival day and bed making!

We arrived here on the coach, all very excited to get started. First challenge…making the beds! This was more of a challenge for some than others.

After this we had a tour round the site and spotted some of the equipment for activities to follow this week (climbing wall, cave, archery enclosure, high ropes!)

After a delicious lunch we started our team building games and orienteering.

Currently we are writing our diaries but we will soon be off for our first camp fire.

Keep looking for more details of our week.

Signing off now, getting ready for our walk in the dark forest to collect fire wood.

Thorpe Woodlands Residential Part 3