Thorpe Woodlands Residential Part 3

Thorpe Woodlands Residential

2.11.16 Thorpe Woodlands Blog

A second frog was found Tuesday night by the children’s shoes so they definitely brought them back after jumping in the river after canoeing! Miss Irving was not a fan of the frogs but did jump in (only adult from Causton to do so!)

Today the children did not get up so early and went to sleep much quicker than the first night! You can tell they are getting tired. But this is normal and by Friday they won’t want to get up and they will be in bed fast asleep early Thursday night.

The record has now increased to 5 teeth falling out naturally, the tooth fairy will be busy Friday!

I went to see Bailey and Oliver and played them a Minion’s happy birthday song (repeatedly through the day) and started their birthday. The Causton adults decorated the hall last night with balloons and banners which the children loved. After breakfast they had their things from home and we all sang happy birthday.

During the activities a group broke the school record for the height in the crate stacking challenge….but then a further Causton group broke this record!

Dinner was chilli, rice and cheese which was warming for a cold day! Dessert was a pile of brownies with candles on for Oliver and Bailey to blow out. We sang happy birthday to them for a second time. The brownies were gooey and warm.

Sadly it came the time for Mr Entwistle, Miss Leaberry and myself to leave! It was sad leaving especially as I knew they were going star gazing and having film night with all the birthday sweets from Bailey and Oliver’s families (thank you).

Also a thank you to the two families who sent cupcakes on Monday. These were eaten around the camp fire on Monday and were yummy.

From Miss Urey and everyone at Thorpe Woodlands!

1.11.16 Thorpe Woodlands Blog

Last night we had an evening camp fire and told jokes and riddles! It was clear Georgia came prepared!

In the morning, some of the boys felt a good time to wake up was 5.30am! This was an early start to our second day.

Today we started our outdoor and adventure activities. You can see how it is separated on the timetable photo. Some groups jumped into the river after canoeing and some of the boys discovered a frog in the toilets with them!

Interestingly we have a new record. Three children have naturally had teeth fall out in the first day (we have them labelled and safe and will return to parents on Friday).

Last night the bacon pasta bake was not a huge hit (although voted for) but tonight the homemade coleslaw was a winner. This was served with huge steaming jacket potatoes, salad and ham. We followed it with a slice on lemon drizzle cake. I have to say my favourite was the tiffin last night (also Mr K’s who succeeded in three pieces).

The night ended with a scavenger hunt in the outdoors and hot chocolate around the fire.

All the children are having a great time and being a credit to Causton.

Goodnight from the staff and children at Thorpe Woodlands.

Miss Urey

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31.10.16 Thorpe Woodlands Blog

Today we arrived at a foggy Thorpe Woodlands. We were all really excited and keen to start.

On arrival we had a talk from Adam and then were made to make our own beds! Some found this a struggle! After this we played some games and had a tour of the site.

We had lunch and then split into our groups for the week. All of us did team building games and we realised some of our strengths and weaknesses. One activity was getting a group from one side to the other using a swing rope.  We all returned back together and experienced orienteering on the site then a clues challenge in the forest. My group saw a frog and we saw a deer on the way back!

Free time was 4.30-5.30 and dinner was served. We had the best brownies ever!

We are currently writing our diaries to help us reflect on the day before we start evening activities.

It has been a great start to our trip and we have so much more to look forward to.

From Miss Urey and the staff and children at residential.

A Monday in Wren’s

On Monday in Wren’s class we started off by doing the register, during the register we did a little activity involving questions and sick sentences.  Next we did a bit of literacy.  In literacy we found out our new topic was going to be about story writing.  Then it was break time.  After break time we went to assembly.  After assembly we did a bit of maths and we did millilitres and litres.  Then it was lunch time.  After lunch we did P.E, in P.E we did badminton.  After that we did R.E and British values.  Then it was home time.  That is a Monday in Wrens.


Thorpe Woodland Final Day Photos 2015

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Thorpe Woodland Video Day 4 2015

Thorpe Woodlands – Day 4 Photos 2015

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Thorpe Woodlands – Day 4 – Diary Extracts (Thursday 5th November) 2015

Today I had the time of my life here because first thing we did raft building and I found building the raft was easy.

Next we did tree trekking and I was crying. I hated it so much but I had a go.

Ellie C
The first activity was raft building where we had to build our own raft and then test it. Sadly Emily W and Ben fell off.

Today was an epic day. We did the big swing, caving, archery, and raft building. During archery I hit the yellow. The yellow is the middle colour.

First we did caving. When there was a crawling space we warned each other and when it was a very tight space we helped each other.

It is really fun at Thorpe Woodlands and I have learnt a lot. I like being with Adam because he is encouraging and kind and I don’t have a favourite thing, it has all been awesome.

At the first activity, the big swing, I was pretty scared but in the end it was fun and I fell 13 metres down (without injury!)

We did one hour of caving it was BRILLIANT, I absolutely loved it.

Today was so much fun, I loved all of the activities. The thing I won’t forget are the amazing instructors.

First we did canoeing which was really fun. Roman had to put his bum in the water as a forfeit, unlucky him. At the end I jumped in, I did that like a pro!

Finally we built rafts. I enjoyed this and learnt a thing or two. At the end the boys raft fell apart with me on it so I got soaked!

In raft building the girls have their raft to us. I have to admit our boat looked better but their  one was more stable. SPLASH. Finally I got to the shower and luckily it was boiling.

Emily W
I learnt to always listen to the instructor because they say do it, do it.

Our next activity was the big swing and it was epic because you step off a platform and WOOSH you are swinging. It makes your tummy feel weird.

Miss Irving and Mrs Shaw
What an amazing week. We have been really impressed with the children’s determination to overcome fear, have a go and help and encourage each other. The instructors, led by Georgie have been fantastic at encouraging the children to achieve their best and have a go at all the many varied activities.  We are now busy preparing for the talent show and starting the big process of packing up.