Thorpe Woodlands

2.11.16 Thorpe Woodlands Blog

A second frog was found Tuesday night by the children’s shoes so they definitely brought them back after jumping in the river after canoeing! Miss Irving was not a fan of the frogs but did jump in (only adult from Causton to do so!)

Today the children did not get up so early and went to sleep much quicker than the first night! You can tell they are getting tired. But this is normal and by Friday they won’t want to get up and they will be in bed fast asleep early Thursday night.

The record has now increased to 5 teeth falling out naturally, the tooth fairy will be busy Friday!

I went to see Bailey and Oliver and played them a Minion’s happy birthday song (repeatedly through the day) and started their birthday. The Causton adults decorated the hall last night with balloons and banners which the children loved. After breakfast they had their things from home and we all sang happy birthday.

During the activities a group broke the school record for the height in the crate stacking challenge….but then a further Causton group broke this record!

Dinner was chilli, rice and cheese which was warming for a cold day! Dessert was a pile of brownies with candles on for Oliver and Bailey to blow out. We sang happy birthday to them for a second time. The brownies were gooey and warm.

Sadly it came the time for Mr Entwistle, Miss Leaberry and myself to leave! It was sad leaving especially as I knew they were going star gazing and having film night with all the birthday sweets from Bailey and Oliver’s families (thank you).

Also a thank you to the two families who sent cupcakes on Monday. These were eaten around the camp fire on Monday and were yummy.

From Miss Urey and everyone at Thorpe Woodlands!