Thorpe Woodlands

Thorpe Woodlands – Day 3 – Diary Extracts (Wednesday 4th November) 2015

Good morning diary! Today was super fun. After breakfast we went outside in the rain to do an energiser then we went to tree trekking. I thought it would be easy but it was so hard. I thought I was going to fall!

Today I went biking and we had lush bikes. We went over log ramps and steep hills and went to the bomb pit although I wussed out on going down! We also did tree trekking and I didn’t like it as it was high up and you had to have a harness to keep you safe. However I rose to the challenge and l had a go and challenged myself.

Alia (presented in her book as comic strip)
Our first activity was the ginormous zip wire. It went very fast. Next we went cycling on bikes and after we finished my legs ached. Then our last activity was tree trekking, it was very scary and nerve wrecking!

After lunch we went biking out of Thorpe Woodlands. We went through lots of different thicknesses of leaves so we had to change the gears on our bikes quite a lot.

Finally today we were riding bikes. We rode them for two hours and I was tired at the end. For dinner we had meatballs and pasta. It was delicious. For pudding we had ice-cream with chocolate syrup. Now that went down in seconds and I mean seconds. This day was amazing.

Caving and archery, I would do anything to do that again. In caving my hiding spot was the best. In archery Mrs Shaw killed it. She was the best at it, although I reckon Me Entwhistle will be okay.

Last we did the big swing. Roman and I were the only ones that went upside down. It was fun. I had two jumps from the highest platform so did Ryan, Roman and Yasmin.

Our first activity for today was zip wire. I thought it would be really fast but it was as slow as a snail. The biking was extra easy for me because I know how to ride a bike. Tree trekking was TERRIFYING.

Today was an amazing day we did tree trekking, biking and zip wire. The zip wire was really fast and the harness was your seat because there was no seat.

Yes! I love zip wiring across things. I would love to do it again and again and again.

Emily N
This morning I was woken up by the smell of Mrs Shaw’s coffee. We went on the zip wire and I loved it.